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Looking to move to Northern Virginia? I relocated here too, decades ago. That is after having lived in Chicago, Illinois, Holland Michigan, Champaign-Urbana Illinois, Boulder Colorado, College Station Texas, Ontario Canada, and Vienna Austria. I understand what relocating means all too well! In fact, I have given myself a “black belt” in moving. 

There are so many things to considering when moving to our area. Make sure your decision to buy a specific home is the right one. 

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Real Estate Is Our Passion

Our passion for Real Estate comes from the love we have for our community. When we started our journey in Real Estate, our goal was simple... we wanted to ensure that the members of our community were treated with an honest and fair service during one of the most important investments of their lives.
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Karla – self employed farmer and entrepreneur

“She was very friendly on the phone. You know? Just really genuine and I thought, “Okay. Now, this is somebody I want to see when I go to Virginia.” I just had a really good rapport with her, right from the beginning.

When we got down there we spent two or three days by ourselves. Then we were ready to start looking at houses with her. She blocked three or four days which is what we needed. We were on the move the whole time which was great, being from out of town. There’s a lot of territory to cover. And she was right there. She was a trooper

I would refer Patricia because she knows the market. I have an agent I really liked.”

Karla – self employed farmer and entrepreneur

She Knows the Market

Khue - Software Architect Cyber Security

“We would like to express our gratitude once again. You were amazing.”

Khue - Software Architect Cyber Security

You were amazing

Ilona - Colonel (ret)

“I relied totally on her judgment.and was glad I did. There is no doubt in my mind that no one else could have represented my interests as well as she did. Whether you are selling or buying, Pat is the person to have to guide you in the process”

Ilona - Colonel (ret)

Pat is the person to have to guide you in the process

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