Metro - - Patricia Joy Schenk, M.Ed.

Metro –

*How do you plan to get to work*

*How long are you willing to commute*

*If Metro, will you drive or take the bus to get there, carpool or slug*

Even if you are not familiar with our area the answers to the above basic questions, together with your price range, will quickly determine the area/s suitable for your needs.  Making a choice about where to live based on transportation quickly shows us where we need to concentrate our efforts. You may have thought finding a place to live in Northern Virginia a bit overwhelming. So much to choose from. But, with a few judicious questions asked, we know where to look.

The Washington D.C. area, which includes Northern Virginia, has AGAIN made the top 10 list for cities with the worst traffic in the United States, coming in at an astonishing #2!  Because traffic is so congested in NoVa,  many people want to live close to the Metro. What many people don’t realize is that there are only three Metro stations that can accomodate a lot of cars. Those Metro stops are Franconia/Springfield with parking for 5,000 cars and Vienna/Fairfax with the same 5,000 spaces. Wiehle-Reston comes in at 2,300.

It is certainly true that you will pay more money for a home near the Metro, but at  least your mortgage is may be tax deductible (always consult your accountant for your particular case). Consider the hidden expense in time, stress, gas and wear and tear on your car or costs for the bus should you choose not to live near the Metro. Of course, it makes sense that homes near Metro will retain value better, on average, than other homes.

Here is a handy map of the Metro stations.