Home Inspection When Selling? - Patricia Joy Schenk, M.Ed.

Home Inspection When Selling?

Reasons for Getting a Home Inspection

You’ll Find Out What’s Wrong – What’s a reason for getting a home inspection before selling your house? You’ll find out what’s wrong with your place. Because you’ll have the opportunity to fix issues in advance, you can avoid costs for you and the buyer down the road.

You’ll Have a Copy Ready for The Buyers – A second reason is that you’ll have a copy of the inspection ready for the buyers. This will please the buyers.

You’ll Compensate for an Older Home – A third reason is that you’ll compensate for the age of your home. Buyers won’t worry that they may have to make repairs, some costly. That makes it easier for them to write an offer on your home.

Reasons Not to Get a Home Inspection

You’ll Have to Pay a Fee – Because you’ll end up paying out of pocket for this service, you can save money in the house-selling process by avoiding this costly procedure altogether.

You’ll Realize Your House Didn’t Need One –  Because newer houses are less likely to need repairs and renovations, you can avoid spending money by giving your new and up-to-date home the benefit of the doubt. That is, if you have a newer home.

You’ll Have to Disclose Issues – You may have to disclose certain issues you find to potential buyers. Because the problems you unearth during the process can cost you money, you can delay the inevitable until after you seal the deal.

An inspection can help or hurt the buyer or seller financially in both cases, so consider your specific situation before making a decision. For more advice, please feel free to give me a call today.